Don´t get bored in your bus trip

Bring fun things you can do. Make sure you bring enough to entertain you the entire time you are on the bus. Some things you can take are: Music player and headphones. Book (s). Netbook, tablet or laptop. Games you can play with your hands. Just...

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Healthy snacks to take to work

1. Endive and salmon sandwich 2. Turkey and turkey breast sandwich 3. Roast beef sandwich with tomato 4. Seitan sandwich with stewed vegetables 5. Pesto chicken sandwich 6. Cheese sandwich with apple   These sandwiches are very comfortable to take them to work and are also very rich and above all healthy. Hotel...

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Christmas punch recipe

This Christmas is highly recommended to drink ponchecito, since in many places there it´s cold and  this drink will warm up  your body. Here we tell you how to make your punch for this season.   INGREDIENTS ½ kilo of tejocote  halves ½ kilo  guava quartered 250 grams prunes 5 yellow apples cut in octaves   1 ½...

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