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Discover Guadalajara, Mexico

Because of its economic and cultural importance, Guadalajara is one of the three most important cities in Mexico. Capital of the state of Jalisco, the “Perla Tapatia” is also well-known for being an elegant yet vibrant city: the mariachis, charreria, joyful bars and of course, the tequila produced near the city, are popular all over the world.

A visit to Guadalajara will allow you admiring green areas and public art in many of the parks and plazas. The Cathedral is in the heart of the city, with its twin towers and a central cupola, and it’s the most famous historical place in the Guadalajara’s horizon. At the heart of the city you can find buildings of neoclassical architecture and beautiful houses in avenues like La Paz and Vallarta. The Chapultepec avenue offers the visitors a blend between the beauty of the city and its urban culture; photographic expositions, fountains, bars, restaurants, cafeterias and bookstores can be seen here.

Unlike many other colonial cities that keep their original urban trace, in the decade of the 50’s Guadalajara was part of an important project that changed the face of the city. Old buildings were demolished to expand avenues with new buildings, build subterranean parking lots and shopping malls. Luckily, the most beautiful ancient constructions weren’t touched.

Guadalajara offers a wide array of cultural and entertaining activities; it has big parks, shopping malls, first-rate movie theaters and nightclubs for all tastes; it holds every year national and international events like the International Book Fair, the Cinema International Festival, the October Parties and the May Cultural Festival, among many others. Because of its closeness with the town of Tequila, Jalisco, it is possible to make a two-way trip in the same way on the “Tequila Express” train.

When it comes to gastronomy in Guadalajara, one of the most typical dishes of Jalisco is the birria, traditional of Tlaquepaque, so popular that the entire national territory can taste it; the tamal can be found in different flavors, corn, pineapple and meat. Finally, the famous torta ahogada: bread stuffed with pork, covered by a chili sauce with red onion.



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